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Turvatek LLC is a customer and a worker friendly company from year 2004. Our purpose is to run with the development in the world of new opportunities.

Those who value time, the time will try to give a value in return.

We would like to be a company with the best personal services in offering safety and work footwear and this has assured us a stable and steady development. The basis of our trustworthiness is an ability to care for our customers and value time and the needs of others.

Safety and work footwear products are from such well-known trademarks as ABOUTBLU, COFRA, PANTHER, SIEVI, SIXTON PEAK, CANIS, MAXGUARD and HECKEL SECURITE.

All the products are manufactured to protect workers health and life from the various sources of hazards.

 We also represent work wear and casual clothes of COFRA.

Turvatek LLC offers you a safety footwear manufactured in accordance with valid and protective quality standards which also has qualified certificates and standard user manuals. Thanks to acquired experiences and knowledge we will be glad to help our customers find the best solution.

Safety and work footwear is high quality and wide variety helps us generate ideas and offers our customers much more than expected.

You have made a right choice!